Shipping Motorbike Bali to Auckland New Zealand

Bike shipping to Auckland

Shipping Motorbike from Bali to New Zealand? or into Bali?

Shipping a motorbike Bali to Auckland? contact the professionals in assisting traveling or touring motorbike tourists. Jetfast Bali Cargo

Pictured here are two bikes touring together 2 x Honda’s MSX125 & CRF250L packed safety for there next Island Adventure from Bali to New Zealand. Thanks to our client’s trust in packing & shipping there bikes from Bali to Auckland by sea freight – All costs Included Bali to Depot Handout

Jetfast providing our full door to depot handout hassle-free Bali to NZ service!.

  • Wrapping & Protection for Bikes.
  • Crating Designed for Motorbikes Safe Travel.
  • Fumigation to NZ Standards.
  • Export Clearance For Motorbikes, Clearance, and Documents.
  • LCL Shipping to Auckland, New Zealand.
  • All Port Charges Included
  • NZ Customs & MPI Quarantine Clearance Included
  • Handover from Port to Owners and away they ride!

Save Time and Money and Move with the Bali to New Zealand Door to Door Experts.

Contact us for shipping a motorbike Bali to Auckland or 135+ other countries for more information or call or message us for a friendly discussion.

Jetfast Bali Cargo Move Bali freight to over 135+ Countries door to Door Specializing in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. 

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Shipping From Bali?, No Problems!

Contact the team today to discuss your shipment. We can provide a quotation door to door all in.

Bali Bedheads, Doors & Handicrafts to Brisbane Store

Bali Furniture to Brisbane

Quality Bali BedHeads & Furniture heading for Brisbane

Bali Doors and Bali Bedheads collected from Suppliers Packed and crated and ready for shipping to newest client’s store in Brisbane Queensland Australia

Jetfast Bali Cargo and Jetfast Express Australia together are handling all the way from Suppliers Doors to Clients Door, the most cost-effective, safest and easiest way to Ship from Bali with all costs upfront. 

Jetfast Bali cargo providing our full door to door hassle-free Bali to Australia service!.

  • ✔️Supplier Collections
  • ✔️Consolidation, Wrapping and Crating
  • ✔️Fumigation to Australian Standards
  • ✔️Export Permits, Clearance, and Documents.
  • ✔️Container Stuffing
  • ✔️Sea-freight to Brisbane
  • ✔️Australian Customs & Quarantine Clearance
  • ✔️Collection from Port and delivery to Consignee’s Door.

Save Time and Money and Move with the Bali to Australia Door to Door Experts.

Jetfast Bali Cargo Move Bali freight to over 135+ Countries door to Door Specializing in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. 

We make shipping from Bali simple and hasslefree! So, you can concentrate on the more important things, like running your business or better still! More Shopping!

Contact us for more info or call for a friendly discussion.

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Shipping From Bali?, No Problems!

Contact the team today to discuss your shipment. We can provide a quotation door to door all in.

Small LCL Personal Effects Shipment ex Bali to Melbourne

Jetfast Bali Cargo & Jetfast Logistics Australia handle a variety of shipments weekly including regular Door to Door LCL shipments to All major ports throughout Australia and New Zealand. Both commercial purchases for our regular business clients or small household relocations like this 3cbm LCL one currently being crated for export by our Bali crew soon to be bound for Melbourne.

Contact us today for our LCL door to door Tariff or email us at to request a quotation we are always happy to assist!

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Another Motorbike Shipment Bali to Perth

Home Safe and Sound – Motorbike ex Bali to Perth!

Jetfast Logistics Import and export motorbikes or vehicles into & out off All Australian Major Ports frequently.

Here are a few pictures from our latest import into Fremantle port from Bali arriving safe & sound back home in excellent condition (big thanks to our client Joshua for trusting us with his prized possession!)

Jetfast Logistics working together with our sister company Shipping From Bali took receipt of the bike into our Bali warehouse, packed with care, protective packaging & crating, we then transferred to Surabaya port for export arranging export clearance, ocean freight, Australian import clearance unpack and handout.

It’s important to choose the correct handling agent when importing vehicles into Australia due to Australia’s strict Quarantine Guidelines (looking for dirt, plants, and insects) and Customs targeting Asbestos. We highly recommend all our clients thoroughly stream clean there motorbikes or vehicles prior to importation and consult us prior to starting the process.

Vehicle imports into Australia require a import permit or carnet.

If you have a motorbike or vehicle you need to be relocated anywhere in the world drop us an email at with the details and we would be happy to provide you a hassle free quotation.

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Motorbike Unpack
Arrived in Fremantle Ready for Unpack

Unloading, Home Safe & Sound

Unpacking Begins
Unpacking Begins, Bike arrives Damage free

Packing In Bali
Packing Begins In Bali

Crating Motorbike
The crate is build to suit the motorbike for safe travels

Protecting motorbike
Protection is added as the crate is completed

Crating Motorbike
Crating Continues

Crating Motorbike
Crating Continues

Crating Motorbike
Crating Continues, Looking good

Crating Motorbike
Crate side panels are installed


Crating Motorbike
Crating Motorbike


Did you know Jetfast Logistics can also move your pets? Any location worldwide, contact us today for more information or visit our sister company Jetfast Pet Express

Bali Cargo To Australia Services


Jetfast Bali Cargo in conjunction with Jetfast Express are your one stop shop for all your shipments into Australia, we arrange collection, packing, export clearance, shipping, destination charges including customs clearance, quarantine lodgement and delivery!

We can even arrange payment or deposits to suppliers, the works – Which means you can concentrate on the more important things like running your business or more shopping!

Because we are Australian owned and operated we know the requirements in both Bali and Australia, which means your are quoted Door to Door Accurately based on information provided and our quotations include no hidden charges.

Your shipment is co-ordinated personally by us at origin and destination which means we are always in control and you know exactly where your shipment is with the ability to reach us directly! – Phone, Facebook, whatapp or email.

Contact us today for any of the following!

Airfreight – Seafreight LCL & FCL – Personal Effects – Relocations Household, Business and Pets – Free Survey – Supplier sourcing and much much more

If you have any questions, we are always available and happy to help, please don’t hesitate to contact Russell in Australia on tel:+61 400 500 630 Your Bali Cargo to Australia Shipping Experts.

Shipping Bali to Australia

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