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Shipping your bike or vehicle Internationally

Jetfast Express specializes in Motorbike and vehicle shipping to and from Australia, New Zealand, Bali-Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. However, we can assist you in shipping your motor vehicle to most countries around the world.

Jetfast Express, Jetfast Bali Cargo along with our overseas offices or partners will be able to pack your vehicle or crate your motorbike, arrange export clearance, help with police clearance or de-registration if required, ship to the destination port, unpack, customs clearance, quarantine inspection if required and release/Handout.

All our quotations will include all known charges so nasty surprises on arrival.

Importing or Exporting under Carnet De Passage

We pacifically specialize in servicing clients holding a Carnet de Passage, travelling around this region. Most of our clients traveling with a carnet move from Malaysia, Singapore into Bali then onto Australia or New Zealand or return.

A Carnet de Passage is an international agreement that allows the temporary importation of a vehicle for up to generally 12 months The Carnet is obtained in the country of residence.

If you are visiting Australia, New Zealand or Bali on a vacation or just travelling around these countries taking in the beautiful sites, you may temporarily import your vehicle or motorbike under carnet without incurring duties and taxes.

A Carnet contains all the relevant information about the vehicle—make model, colour, engine capacity, seating capacity, registration number, etc.

We have set rates for motorbikes departing Bali to Both Australia and New Zealand – Contact us today for the rate card.

Importing New Vehicles into Australia

Before shipping new Vehicles into Australia you are required to check that your vehicle meets the requirements and apply for an import permit – this can be done here

To check your vehicles availability check here

Quarantine & MPI Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have very strict quarantine regulations to protect from Biological risk. When importing your vehicle it is very important to have your Vehicle Stream cleaned prior to export and check your vehicle is free from any plant, soil, dirt and insects to help risk the intervention on directions for further cleaning or fumigation.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for a friendly discussion on importing into Australia.


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