Moving to Bali from Australia – Door-to-Door Relocations

Moving to Bali from Australia

Moving To Bali From Australia

Jetfast has been relocating individuals, businesses and families Door to Door from Bali for over 15 years!

We understand that planning your household relocation for yourself or your family can be a time-consuming, stressful and difficult industry to understand thus why we offer a full door-to-door relocation service to Bali.

Moving to Bali can be highly complicated and obtaining the correct shipping and Visa documentation is crucial to ensure a smooth import clearance process through Indonesian customs, Jetfast will highlight these requirements

Unlike other forwarders, we do not ship to PORT ONLY, as the difficulties you will encounter with clearing the goods through customs is highly demanding, import regulations change often and if the correct process is not followed 9 times out of 10 additional handling charges, port charges, storage and customs fees are billed by the nominated handling agent.

Of course, being Australian owned & managed, we know the requirements inside and out required to ship and coordinate your move to Bali.

We personalize your shipping experience by providing a very high communication service with one point of contact with direct access throughout the entire shipping process door to door.

You can feel safe and secure when shipping with Jetfast.

We Can move you from anywhere throughout Australia to Bali

Our Door to Door Household Relocation Service Includes:

  • Free Home Survey For Full Household Moves.
  • Supply of Packing Materials.
  • Packing and Collection from the residence.
  • Inventory and Export Documents are required for Indonesia.
  • Storage, whilst your KITAS is being processed.
  • Sea freight or Airfreight to Indonesia.
  • Payment of all Export and Import Standard Port charges.
  • Collection from Port or Terminal.
  • Customs Clearance and handling of the Customs inspection process which is Mandatory in Indonesia.
  • Ensuring your documents are in order.
  • Delivery to residence / Villa by professional Bali Moving Team with unpacking of debris on the day.

Important Tips

Rules and Regulations change frequently and without notice. It’s always best to ship with an agent who is up-to-date and specializes in personal effects.

The easiest and hassle-free way to ship in Bali is Door to Door. Customs clearance in Bali is highly complex and all required documents along with the correct visas MUST be correct. Heavy penalties may be imposed if clearance procedures are not completed accurately.

Therefore, Jetfast is your first step to ensure trouble-free shipping of your personal effects into Bali making Moving to Bali a hassle-free process.

We hear so many stories of shipments being stuck with customs on arrival due to origin forwards not following the correct procedures and regulations for imports into Indonesia.

Depending on your Visa you may be restricted on how much you can ship to Bali and the method for shipping. It is always important to discuss this with us first.

Prohibited Items

  • Alcohol is forbidden to import.
  • Narcotics and Drugs.
  • Explosives, Gas, Weapons or ammunition
  • Pornographic or Similar offensive material
  • Importation of a car, motorcycle (without a temporary import permit) and any kind of parts, spare parts, etc are strictly prohibited.

Restricted / Dutiable /Items

  • Foodstuff – You should avoid packing foodstuff.
  • Medications – You should avoid packing medications (prescriptions will be required.
  • New items
  • Antiques

Moving From Australia to Bali

Jetfast has been successfully moving individuals and families to and from Bali for over 15 years! Move to Bali with ease and support knowing we can relocate your household Goods Door to Door, Hassle Free!