Importing Personal Effects Into Australia

Shipping Personal Effects

Jetfast Express assists many individuals and families in importing personal effects into Australia.

Personal Effects Handling is apart of our core business, a lot of freight forwarders do not handle personal effects due to its complexities for clearance, extra handling, and quarantine intervention. This is where we come in! We love handling personal effects and assisting people with the import and clearance process.

Let us take away the stress by arranging collection from your home, packing if required, export and import formalities, including Customs and Quarantine clearance, then delivery to your new home by professional Removals

Door to Door Service

Jetfast can assist you in moving from most countries around the world with our own locations and agents in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and 130+ Other countries worldwide we have the ability to move your shipment safely, securely and correctly for Australians document Requirements and Quarantine Regulations.

At Origin, We can Arrange

  • Survey If required.
  • Collection of your pre-packed goods or professional packing If required. For smaller shipments say boxes only, it’s generally a lot cheaper for you to pack yourself and provide an inventory.
  • Export Documents to Australian Regulations (not having the correct documents could incur additional charges from customs (inspection) or Quarantine (directions)
  • Seafreight (FCL) Container 20′ / 40′ / 40HC or Consolidated shipping LCL There are weekly sailings from most ports.

At Destination We Arrange

  • Payment of port charges.
  • Customs Clearance & Quantaine Lodgement.
  • Quarantine Inspection and Facility Fees
  • Delivery to your residence.

Destination Handling only

No problems! If you are an overseas agent or an individual looking for a local handling forwarder we simply need you to forward us a copy of your shipping documents at least 2 weeks prior to arrival, we will check everything is in order and begin the clearance process.

Who Can Import Unaccompanied Personal Effects into Australia?

Returning Australian citizens or non-citizens with long-stay/permanent residence visas who are entering Australia to take up residence after an absence of 12 months.

Australian Import Requirements

  • Bill of Lading
  • Inventory / Packing list
  • Passport
  • B534a Unacommpained Form – A blank copy can be downloaded here:

If you use our door to door we will arrange everything for you and prompt you for any documentation you are required to complete (b534a form)

Duty and Taxes

If your shipment qualifies for household effects or personal effects or you are a returning resident that has been absent for 12 months or purchased the goods at least 12 months prior to moving then import is duty and GST Free.

The Following are not classed as personal effects: Motor Vehicles, Motor Vehicle parts, Commerical goods, items purchased over the internet.


Australia has strict biosecurity laws, Australian quarantine will be looking for foreign soil, vegetation, and insects.

It is important that your equipment is clean and free of infestation. Equipment such as bicycles, scooters, gardening equipment, gold clubs, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners bins and the like are thoroughly cleaned before despatching from the origin country.

Remove Pine Cones from Christmas Tree’s

Whist not always necessary we do recommend fumigation prior to shipping, especially for container moves.

Quarantine inspection is mandatory on arrival. We arrange and handle the inspection booking and process on arrival and Quarantine Fees are included in our quotations.

Quarantine Directions such as cleaning or fumigation or destruction can be costly, please speak to us for advice if you are concerned.

Importing Alcohol

All Alcohol will be subject to customs duty and GST. and could be subject to customs examination on arrival. If you import alcohol please alert us and provide a fully documented list describing contents of bottles

A complete list of all bottles, depicting the following:

  • Alcohol type and style
  • Size of the bottle (ozs. or mls.)
  • % of bottle content if bottle not full
  • Alcoholic content of liquor as a % of
  • volume
  • Country of production.
  • Value.

What you Shouldn’t Pack!

  • Fresh Fruit – Apples. Mandarins, Oranges, and other fresh fruit.
  • Meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, seeds, herbs, and spices or products containing these, are prohibited They should NOT be included in personal and household effects shipments.
  • Narcotic Drugs & Drugs of Dependence.
  • The importation of products from endangered species is prohibited.
  • Live Plants / bulbs

If in doubt and you want to determine if your goods are allowed into Australia, please check with us for updated requirements.

Vehicles & Pets

If you are importing your vehicle please see our page on vehicle imports here

If you are importing your pet, yes we can also move your animals at the same time. Please click here to visit Jetfast Pet Express.


Depending on the size of your shipment and method of delivery we are able to arrange various delivery methods

  • Delivery by Courier for smaller Airfreight or Box type shipments. It is important to keep the weight under 30kgs each for occupation help and safety regulations.
  • Delivery Kerbside or Garage only (This method is good for small to medium type shipments where a unpack or removal service is not required by the consignee).
  • Delivery By Professional movers. (This option is preferred for larger containerized Household Moves or for clients you want everything done for an easy move with the removal of debris.)

Removals & Personal Effects Quote Form

Enter a brief description of what product or personal items you are shipping. If you have a packing list please upload or email to :

We Specialize Worldwide Removals to anywhere in or out of Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Singapore & Malaysia on a door to door basis.

Request a Survey or Quotation today

We can assist with a quotation by arranging a survey to establish your total cubic metre or Alternatively you are able to send through photos of what you are shipping for an estimate. All we require to quote is your total cbm for sea and total weights and dimensions for air.