How to Ship From Bali

How to Ship From Bali Export Guide


Suppliers are plentiful throughout Bali & Indonesia, friendly quality suppliers looking for business opportunities, ranging from furniture, garden products such as pots and statues to beautiful handcrafted doors, clothing and many other different types of handicrafts. Most of the most popular suppliers we already collect from daily servicing our regular home-ware stores and customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

If you are on a buying trip to Bali the best way to source your product is to meet and greet with the suppliers and provide them information or designs on what you are looking for, the Balinese people are very accommodating.

Deposits & Payments of Suppliers

You have found your product? Unless you have a great relationship with an existing supplier we always recommend placing 50% deposit prior to manufacture and then the remaining payment on collection.

Jetfast Bali Cargo can assist with supplier deposits and supplier consolidation reports, if you are shipping from multiple suppliers these reports will show deposits paid, amounts owed and status of goods (not ready, collected or ready date)

Once each supplier is ready we arrange all collections…

Collection from Suppliers

Jetfast Bali cargo can arrange collections from suppliers throughout Bali and Indonesia. Once you have engaged our services, we make it EASY! you simply forward us all your supplier invoices (can be by photo or scan) listing amounts paid (generally the supplier will total on deposit slip) We then contact the supplier and arrange collection and final payment (if required) when ready.

Packing & Crating

Once all your supplier orders have been collected your shipment is brought back to one of our warehouse locations either (Sanur or Sukawati) and prepared for either Airfreight, LCL ( Loose Cargo Load) or FCL ( Full Container Shipping )

You are notified of the total cubic meter (cbm) and our recommend cost-effective shipping method and shipping cost prior to packing, crating or stuffing.

Depending on your shipment type, your goods will be carefully wrapped, protected or crated prior to shipping

Export Documents

Jetfast Bali Cargo arrange complete export documents required for successful import into Australia or New Zealand, the most common documents required are:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing List / Commercial Invoice (IPL)
  • Fumigation & ISPM 15+ Certificates
  • Australian Packing Declaration
  • Certificate of Origin
  • V-Legal Document If Required for wooden Articles
  • Storage Declaration
  • Phytosanitary Certificates if required

Export Licences

Certain products require an Indonesian Licence for export, the most common export licenses required are:

  • V-Legal – For Wooden Furniture and Wooden items.
  • Stone Licence
  • Structure Licence – For Building products.


Australia & New Zealand have strict Bio-security laws to protect our environment therefore your shipment is always fumigated prior to export. Depending on the product, your shipment may require a different fumigation method. If the wrong method is used Quarantine may request inspection and or re-fumigation. We always Fumigate correctly.


If required, we can arrange an insurance quotation for you. Local Indonesian Insurance companies charge approx 2.5% of the value of the goods. We recommend using a local Insurance broker in Australia or New Zealand as claiming locally is a simpler process. We have a local Insurance Broker who can assist cover to all destinations and major ports. whist 99% of shipments arrive safely you just never know!. We have all seen in the news cases where shipping line vessels have sunk loosing hundred of containers, whist a rare event these types of losses are beyond ours or your control.

Shipping Process

Once your shipment is packed and ready for export depending on your chosen method AIR or Sea your shipment is dispatched from our warehouse and you are provided with a full estimated shipping schedule.

  • AIR – Lodged with the airline and delivered to the terminal with daily flights or shipment generally can land the next day into all major Australian terminals. Allow approx 3-10 days depending on express or economy for air shipments door to door.
  • SEA – LCL and FCL shipments are transported by Road to Surabaya or connected by Benoa port. All shipments go by Singapore as Singapore is an international transshipment port, here containers are then reloaded onto a connecting vessel to Australia. the water time is approx 4 weeks. Allow approx 6-8 Weeks Door to Door depending on your end location.

Arrival At Port

Most Bali Forwarders will quote you to PORT only. This means you will still have Australian port charges, local agent handling, customs & Quarantine clearance fees on arrival, NOT US we do not recommend shipping to PORT only as the acting Australian local agent charges are normally inflated and more expensive than shipping door to door.

Our quotations are to depot handout or to your door meaning We include all known costs to door or depot handout in Australia or New Zealand

Depending on your shipping method the following is generally applicable

  • LCL – Consolidated container is removed from the port, unpacked and made available at port unpack depot – This process can take between 3-12 days depending on port and depot.
  • FCL – The container will need to be removed from the port within 3 days of availability and delivered you your premises. If you are shipping furniture with us to a residential address, we bring the container back to our nominated depot unpack and deliver by professional removals. Most containers are required to be dehired back to the shipping line between 7-10 days to avoid hire detention charges.
  • Airfreight – Is collected from the terminal the same or next day working day and made available from our nominated depot.

Customs Clearance

Our quotations include the customs clearance, We will already have your documents on file via a direct link to our Bali Office and your shipment is cleared by our certified customs brokers correctly prior to arrival.

Any customs charges and import taxes (approx 10% GST and 5% Duty – some items are duty-free) is collected after customs clearance and payable to Australian Customs.

Choosing the correct customs broker is so important, Our brokers have 10+ years experience clearing Bali shipments and your shipment is cleared correctly under the most recent applicable tariff’s.

Collection or Depot Handout

If you elected to have your shipment delivered to the door we will arrange collection from the depot within free-time and delivery straight to your Door Australia Wide.

If you are collecting from the depot directly we handover all necessary paperwork and guide you with instructions for collection.

Important Tips

The easiest and hassle-free way to ship into Australia is Door to Door or Door to Depot. As we are Australian owned and operated we handle your shipment in Bali and in Australia or New Zealand which means we are always in control and we always know where your shipment is during the shipping process. You can feel confident and secure when shipping with us.

Some products from Bali are on the Quarantine Hit List! Products made of shells and bamboo and other plant materials whist not all restricted, are a high Quarantine concern so they need to be treated correctly and imported correctly to avoid unwanted attention or inspections, We have staff trained in Quarantine Awareness, so are able to offer correct advice prior to shipping and check your documents prior to export. Quarantine Directions and inspections are expensive so its important to ship with a forwarder who knows the regulations.

Bali’s regulations and rules change frequently.


Communication is important, We understand that! you can communicate with us contact us anytime by phone, email, WhatsApp, Messenger or any other preferred method anytime and you have one shipping co-coordinator Door to Door


We can accept payments in Multiple currencies AUD, NZD, USD, GBP, EUR and more – please check with us prior to invoicing.

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We Hope Our guide assists you with your shipping from Bali!

NEXT STEPS – Contact us to arrange your shipping Door to Door. We Handle everything. We are here to assist and make your shipping experience easy and hassle-free, so lean on us for advice during the shipping process.